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Empire Global Gaming Inc.

Empire Global Gaming, Inc. is a publicly-traded company (OTC:EPGG) that prides itself as an innovator; we have multiple patents on new casino  table games that are creative, fun, and profitable!

We provide our casino customers with optimized productivity, profitability, and balanced fairness for them to gain the confidence of their patrons, commissions, and governments, and move past any gaming challenges.

Backed By Mathematical Determination our development and research — through new technology — shows that we are the Masters of Roulette. Our Mathematical Determination is provided by Gaming Laboratories International, Joseph Shipman, PhD.

What we do
4Inventors: Class II and Class III Casino-grade table, electronic, and video terminal games.
3Suppliers: Casino-grade tables, Casino & Carnival Pinwheels, Raffle, Bingo, Slots, Chips, Cases and Card Supplies.
2Refurbishing: Casino tables and equipment.
1Solutions: Roulette wheel bias inspections, Mathematical Determinations.

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